Rhondda Cynon Taff Podiatry Clinic; Wellness for the Entire Family

Fully Qualified Podiatrists, Talbot Green, Llwynypia, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales

Here SANDS Private Health Clinic our Podiatrist’s have studied for a minimum of three years and have obtained a Bachelor of Science Honours Degrees in podiatric medicine, and have current registration with the Health Professions Council and Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists.

What is Podiatry?

The titles podiatrist and chiropodist are to some extent, interchangeable but ultimately it is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the lower leg, ankle and foot.

A key role of a Podiatrist is to improve and maintain tissue viability and loco-motor function. The Podiatrist promotes health, well-being and independence by improving function in order to reduce pain and maintain mobility.

Will Podiatry Help Me?

A podiatrist can advise you and your family on how to maintain health feet and lower limbs and podiatrists will help you to choose the right footwear.

It is advised to see a podiatrist if you suffering from painful feet, cracks or cuts, growths including warts, arch pain or heel pain. We can help with anything related to painful feet.

Perhaps you have a young child with foot problems, maintaining and caring for a child’s feet will benefit their entire lives.

Or are you worried about a family member who seems to be developing painful feet or conditions attributing to difficulty walking comfortably.

Podiatry covers treatment of a wide range of conditions and ailments including:

· Nail care (simple nails, hard nails, thick nails, fungal nails)
· Reducing of hard skin/corns
· Perform nail surgery
· Wart and Verruca treatments
· Heel pain
· Prescribing insoles/orthotics
· Diabetes and circulation checks
· Use of ultrasound for muscle, ligament and tendon strains and sprains
· Cracked heels
· Padding and strapping
· Skin disorders
· Minor infections
· Ulcers and wounds

Additional Therapies use with Podiatry


We can also provide corrective methods such as orthotics to make walking easier or to help realign posture e.g. Pain in the hips or back can sometimes be caused by problems with the feet.

Ultrasound Therapy

This machine produces high-frequency sound waves which stimulates blood circulation and cell activity, accelerating the healing process. It is used extensively in the treatment of sports injuries such as ankle and lower limb ligaments. Ultrasound is also used to break-down scar tissue and persistent bruising.


Taping is frequently used by our podiatrist/chiropodist to compliment the hands-on treatment they use. Taping can help reduce the strain on joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Taping can be used to help an injury / condition to recover faster or to reduce the risk of future injury. Our podiatrist/chiropodist can advise you regarding self-taping techniques, so that you can apply tape to the appropriate area before you participate in a sport / activity which we sell here at the clinic.

At SANDS Private Health Clinic we are able to refer patients between our practitioners to ensure your health needs are addressed as best as possible.

The SANDS Private Health Clinics offer Podiatry treatments, Orthotics/insoles and Ultrasound Therapies to the surrounding areas of Talbot Green, Llantrisant, Pontyclun, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Tonyrefail, Tonypandy, Porth, Llwynypia, Treorchy, Treherbert, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.